Thursday, February 1, 2024

Black Superheroes Month IX: Black Power

I uh...I'm not sure who everyone in this picture is
Well, this is embarrassing

Another year, another chance to write about Black Superheroes.

For the uninitiated, there is a common misconception that there are not very many black heroes in superhero comics, so every year (…mostly) I write a series of blogs about various characters to showcase that there are actually a lot of black heroes around, but most of them are horribly underutilized. This year, unless something goes wrong, I will be writing three profiles throughout the month of February. All my previous articles can be found here.

This year I struggled to pick who to talk about, partially because I have way too many male heroes to choose and way too few female heroes to pick from (there is actually a deeply concerning lack of black superheroines out there, sadly). Originally, I was going to make Sunspot of the New Mutants my featured character this year, as the last few years (and the last forty years actually) there has been controversy over whether or not a character who was depicted as Afro-Brazilian in his early appearances should be drawn with dark skin or be played by a black actor, and I’ve gotten f**king sick of it. However, a different character I should have thought of earlier came to mind whom I realized I had to do ASAP and since the third character this year is non-negotiable as well it was either Sunspot or a profile on a female hero, and since I don’t like the idea of this being an all-dude month I’ll talk about all my very angry thoughts regarding poor Roberto next year.

Later we learn his secondary mutation is "White Washing"

Next time instead will look at a character that is overdue being looked at on this blog, as for a brief time they were the most famous and popular comic book hero in all of pop culture.

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