Friday, July 21, 2023

Adult Siblings Versus...Episode 77: South Park - Bigger, Longer, & Uncut

Another episode of our podcast has come out. This week on Adult Siblings Versus...we look at the South Park movie, South Park: Bigger, Louder, & Uncut and discuss it's cultural impact and influence on Broadway....for some reason.

Because caring about anything is lame and you're stupid!

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Wednesday, July 12, 2023

Review: Past Lives


You know, back in the day I used to review non-nerdy/non-genre films. Let’s bring that back.

Past Lives is the feature film debut of director Celine Song, a playwright turned screenwriter who also happens to be a Korean Canadian immigrant. Seeing as this movie is about a Korean Canadian immigrant coming to terms with their past and the idea of “what if”, it’s probably fair to assume  we’re seeing some autobiographical storytelling here. This movie stars Greta Lee who, after years of being in the supporting cast, is getting an overdue shot at a lead role.

Here we are seeing another example of East Asian filming making an impact, as despite it essentially being a foreign language film it is still an American made one rather than a movie imported from overseas. I really feel that, ever since Crazy Rich Asians, producers/distributors/Hollywood have been taking more chances with potentially similar projects. While focusing on a different culture, my enjoyment of The Farewell is what spurred me to try to movie out.

I’ve said this since the earliest days of this blog and it’s still true: I am not always the correct audience for independent films and I find it often to be a crapshoot over whether I leave the theater feeling satisfied. This being the work of a first-time director, does this movie show promise of a new career or should the director maybe stick with writing plays?

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Wednesday, July 5, 2023

Adult Siblings Versus...Episode 76: The Wiz (Film)

A new episode of our podcast, Adult Siblings Versus..., has dropped. This week we looked at another musical, The Wiz. A successful Broadway show but critically mixed, can this African-American show be improved on by adding Joel Schumacher and the guy who directed 12 Angry Men?

No. Sounds about white right.

If Diana Ross wats to play Dorothy, she will play Dorothy

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