Who's that handsome fellow?
What is “Beta is Dead”?

Beta is Dead is a blog that mainly focuses on reviews of various media (mostly movies, but also anime and comic books) and opinion essays that usually devolve into rants. The blog was started because I wanted an outlet to allow me to write regularly.  Beta is Dead as a blog is strictly professional (*coughcough*) and won’t ever cover my personal life, save for an occasional plug for my band and other writing projects.

This blog includes:

Panda Reviews: The main bulk of the blog.  Reviews of films, comic books, anime, and occasionally television that use the Panda Meter System and ranks by number of Adorable Pandas.  Click here for a list of reviews I've done.

SMCS Companion Piece: The original pretense of the blog was to act as a companion site to the Saturday Morning Cartoon Show blog. For many years I used to co-host a radio show obviously called "The Saturday Morning Cartoon Show" where we talked about a different animated/children's show every week. I occasionally wrotea blog expanding my on opinion of the cartoon in question. I'm no longer on it but you can still hear the show live every Saturday morning at 9am EST at www.widrfm.org.

Nerd Rage: Sometimes I have an opinion about something nerdy and I need to get it out of my system. Thus, Nerd Rage. It’s not always something bad either.

Who is Beta Magnus? 

I’m a writer and musician. I attended Western Michigan University where I studied Creative Writing and Comparative Religion. Technically my writing background is in fiction and playwriting, as opposed to non-fiction oe journalism. “Beta Magnus” is a combination of a former online handle and my real world nickname in the nerd community at college. I greatly enjoy reading comic books and going to see films in the theater. I’m a huge fan of punk rock, my favorite bands include NOFX, Bad Religion, Pour Habit, and Sleater-Kinney. I myself am in a Chicago based band called Zombie Apocalypse NOW! which you can find here and here. I do play video games but probably not enough to be considered an actual gamer. I’m also the biggest nerd I know.

I want to do a link exchange/I want to conduct some other type of business with you 

I’ve gotten this more than once so I’ll just straighten it out here: I’m open to link exchanges but you’ll need to contact me via e-mail in order to discuss it. I won’t link a site I don’t like. Similarly if you have any other business you want to ask me about e-mail is the best way to contact me.

How can I contact you?

E-mail me at betaisdead@gmail.com or follow me on Twitter @JasonBetaMagnus
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