Black Superheroes Month

Every year in February we as a society celebrate black history and I like to do my part by profiling black superheroes from comic books. There is a slight misunderstanding from causal comic fans and non-fans that there aren't many black superheroes but the truth is there are quite a lot...unfortunately most of them are underutilized, forgotten or poorly thought out and possibly racist. 

Join me, won't you, as I look into the highs and lows of black representation in the medium of superhero comics!

Black Panther – The best black superhero ever created. 

Bronze Tiger – An insanely proficient martial arts master. 

Storm – Sometimes leader of the X-Men and Marvel Comics’ highest profile black character. 

Black Lightning – Electric powered protector of the Suicide Slum.

War Machine – Pilot of the “Variable Threat Response Battle Suit" armor. 

Vixen – Super model turned super hero, with the powers of the entire animal kingdom.

Luke Cage – Street level Hero for Hire and Avenger, armed with unbreakable skin. 

Thunder – Density controlling daughter of Black Lightning.

Mister Terrific II – Brilliant scientist turned adventurer, and one of my personal favorite characters.

Spawn – Demonic hero and the most popular superhero of the 1990s/The Dark Age of Comics

Static – Teen hero powered by electricity and the most high profile character from Milestone Comics

Misty Knight – An ex-cop turned private investigator with a badass robot arm and a great hair cut.

Cyborg – Former Teen Titan, now currently enjoying top tier status at DC Comics.

Monica Rambeau – Former Captain Marvel, former leader of Nextwave, lies all the time.

Green Lantern IVJohn Stewart, member of the Green Lantern Corps. 

The Falcon – A hero with the power of flight. Also an ex-pimp, because the world is terrible. 

Night Thrasher – Leader of the New Warriors and skateboard enthusiast 

Amanda Waller – Ruthless, no-nonsense government administrator. More of a villain than a hero, really. 

Triathlon/3D-Man II – A hero with three times the physical prowess of a normal man. 

XS – Speedster from the future and granddaughter of Barry Allen/The Flash. 

Rage – Super strong thirteen year old trapped in a man’s body. 

Bumblebee – Brilliant inventor and former member of the Teen Titans. 

Bishop - Gun toting mutant from the future and 90s X-Man.

Steel (John Henry Irons) - There lies my steel-driving man, Lord, Lord.

Silhouette - Member of the New Warriors and one of the few superheroes with a disability.

Mal Duncan - Forgotten, early member of the Teen Titans who once beat up Death.

The Blue Marvel - Living antimatter reactor and the greatest hero of the 1960s (...retroactively).

Shard Time traveling member of the XSE; may be a living hologram.

Blink (AoA) - Reality displaced former X-Man and leader of the dimension hopping Exiles.

Spider-Man (Miles Morales) - The Spider-Man of the Ultimate Universe, now residing in the 616.

Black Manta - The archnemesis of Aquaman, armed with an impossibly cool helmet.

Icon & Rocket - An alien superbeing and his teenage sidekick; protectors of Dakota City.

Ironheart - Teen genius who successfully created her own Iron Man-like armor.

Natasha Irons - Niece of John Henry Iron and successor of the identity and armor of Steel.

Patriot II - Grandson of the fabled "Black Captain America" and founding member of the Young Avengers.

Blade - Vampire hunter extraordinaire and one of the more famous black heroes in pop culture.

Lightning - The second daughter of Black Lightning, who has similar electricity-based powers.

Nick Fury, Jr. - [FART NOISE]

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