Saturday, January 20, 2024

Adult Siblings Versus...Episode 88: Stop! (war)Hammer Time!

 Still catching up with the backlog of episodes of Adult Siblings Versus...

This episode goes completely off the rails, as I bombard my sister with too much information about he tabletop wargame Warhammer 40,000. When I said this was a nerd blog I f**king meant it!

My main army are the Space Wolves
And yes, I do prefer the doggo helmets

Also here's a video I made using an audio clip form the episode

More details after the jump.


  • The Origin of 40K!
  • Grim Darkness!
  • Feed the Emperor your espers!
  • When the satirical part becomes the real part!
  • Space Romans, Space Vampires, & Space Vikings!
  • Nightmare fuel upon nightmare fuel!
  • The sad story of the Squats!

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Twitter: @AdultVersus

Instagram: @adultsiblingsversus

Theme Song: “Sellout” by Zombie Apocalypse NOW!

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