Monday, October 16, 2023

Adult Siblings Versus...Epsiode 83: Trigun

Unfortunately, I'm a little late with this one, but Adult Siblings Versus...recently dropped an episode on the classic anime Trigun, a show so imbedded in my own history as an anime fan that I never dared review it on this blog.

Until now!

Well, kind of. It  snot really here, it's on the podcast. But you can listen to it here!

Classic cartoon or overrated nostalgia bait?
You decide!

More details after the jump.


“Back in my day, we bought anime uphill both ways!”

Wizzywig Collectibles!

Trigun vs. Trigun Maximum!

Love & Peace!

The existential crisis of one, Vash the Stampede!

Let’s talk about the animation…!

Dubs vs. Subs!

The Batman/Joker Problem!

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