Friday, October 27, 2023

Adult Siblings Versus...Episode 84: Weird Al

 Adult Siblings bac with a new epsidoe that's a little different than normal. This week we talk about our childhood experience with "Weird Al" Yankovic, speficially four of his albums we owned as kids.

"Alapalooza”, “Bad Hair Day”, “Running with Scissors”, and “Poodle Hat.” But not "Polka Party." Never "Polka Party."

We need to have a serious talk about cultural appropriation, 1990s Weird Al

More details after the jump.


Daniel Radcliffe Rules! 

Compton adjacent? 

The many beefs of Weird Al! 

Santa going crazy isn’t as funny in 2023! 

Weird Al: Phase 2! 

Angry White Boy Music! 

The secret most talented band of the last 40 years! 

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