Monday, February 3, 2014

Black Superheroes Month IV: Even Blacker

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It’s once again time for that annual series of blogs that both win me praise for a much needed service and gets me repeatedly asked why I hate white people so much; it’s time for Black Superhero Month!

For those of you who are recent additions to the readership every year I write a series of profiles and opinions on various black superheroes. There is a misconception out there that there aren’t a lot of black superheroes out there. This is incorrect as there are a lot of them…just not a lot of famous ones. In fact they’re a lot of shitty ones. This month is about talking about them, from the historically significant to the emotionally polarizing. Although I shouldn’t have to mention this but my ranting about this subject isn’t meant to imply that white superheroes shouldn’t exist. It’s merely me, as a black man and a comic nerd, trying to find some ground with the characters I regularly read about. Although it’s true I do hate a lot of white superheroes. Looking at you, Barry Allen

Anywho I’m afraid to say that my profiles on women may be especially limited this year, but almost certainly it will be next year, due to me having somewhat exhausted my knowledge on the topic. This is partly because I’m not a living computer so I can’t have detailed info of every dang character in my brain. But it’s mostly because black women are a horrendously underrepresented minority in superhero comics. Hell, Storm is probably the only really famous one that even non-comic book fans know…and she was kind of ruined for pop culture because of Halle Berry.

I feel a little bad but I have some ideas on how to make it up to the female gender in future blogs. We’ll see if it happens. Regardless as always feel free to post in the comments of these upcoming blogs to offer opinions, suggestions or middle fingers. However hate speech won’t be tolerated; remember I moderate the comment section and I won’t have racism on my blog. (Why should I even need to mention this? Damn it, internet…) 

Next time we kick things off with a superhero from the Dark Age of Comics who fights crime with a skateboard…and is definitely not Batman.

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