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Kickstarter Weekends: Emily and the Strangers, Code Monkey Save World, The Return

Well I think enough time has passed to justify another Kickstarter Weekend. Again, just like last time, the term “Kickstarter” is out of place because there’s another Indiegogo project on the agenda (for close almost identical reasons as last time). Maybe I really should change the name, especially since Indiegogo actually sent me a shout a while back thanking me for sharing This is Normal. Which means that Indiegogo (or at least whoever runs their twitter account) is nicer than Kickstarter. But I’m too lazy to make a new graphic this month so for now the name will remain.

Before we look at the new projects let’s look back at what happened with the projects from last time.

Sweethearts of the Galaxy: Funding Successful!

Final Earnings: $36,071 ($35,000 Goal)

I have to admit: I was thinking this one wouldn’t make it. Happily it turns out I was wrong and Sweethearts of the Galaxy will be made! It was close but a win is a win. Series co-creator Michael Premsrirat thanked me for spreading the word and mentioned that the tone would be “Whedonesque”. And you likely know how much I dig Joss Whedon. Seriously.

Jason Coffee’s Warhawks: Funding Successful! 

Final Earnings: $21,838 ($21,000 Goal) 

The real life story behind this project, of the later writer Jason Coffee, was what really moved me last time. I’m very happy to report that the man’s unpublished works will indeed live on through the hard work of his friends. I hope things work out well for them as they continue going forward.

This is Normal: Funding Successful!

Final Earnings: $31,185 ($30,000 Goal)

It felt like it happened down to the wire but This is Normal successfully made its goal. This should be a very unique movie experience and I’m glad to have helped it, even if it was ever so slightly. I’m happy for Ryan Welsh who, like I said last time, I used to know. But I will admit there’s a certain amount of jealousy on my part in regard to the somewhat stalled status of my own projects and goals (and this feeling will only increase when we talk about today’s third project).

Three new crowd funding projects after the jump.

Emily and the Strangers’ Animated Single
There will be cats...

Goal: $55,000

Deadline: 3:00am EDT, 5/11/13

Emily the Strange was a mascot created twenty years ago by Rob Reger for his company Cosmic Debris Etc. Inc., where she appeared on skateboards and clothing. Since then she’s taken on a life of her own appearing in children’s books, comic books, a video game and is apparently in talks for a feature film. Everything I’ve heard about this character sounds awesome. The latest venture has been an all ages comic book series called “Emily and the Strangers” (which has gotten great reviews) where Emily starts a band. Now Reger wants to take this to the next step: an animated music video for the fictional band’s single “Calling All Guitars”.

So yeah; that’s right up my alley. I LOVE fictional bands, be they movies or cartoons (Hedwig and the Angry Inch, Hard Core Logo, The Mongolian Chop Squad, and a bunch of others), so that alone would have made me curious. But truthfully one of my dream projects is very similar to this one: a comic book about a band and music created to accompany it. If this project succeeds than perhaps it would increase my own chances.

But aside form that personal mess this really seems like a really cool idea. An all-ages character that specifically is supposed to go against “conventional” standards for young girls who is also in a band? That’s a project that NEEDS to succeed. Sadly things aren’t going great for the campaign. It needs $55,000 and, with less than two weeks left, hasn’t really gotten within spitting range of its goal yet. It still may make it, as we’ve seen such things work out before, but it needs help and a lot of it. It seems like it’d be a great video.

Visit Emily and the Stranger’s Animated Single’s Kickstarter Page

Code Monkey Save World
This could be the greatest thing in the history of space, time and forever!
Goal: $39,000

Deadline: 9:18am EDT, 5/15/13

I debated with myself for a week whether or not to include this project here since, technically, it doesn’t need your money in the way that a lot of other projects would because it was fully funded soon after the campaign began. But I decided to share it because, well, this is the coolest Kickstarter I’ve ever seen pitched, and the most relevant to my likes, and I want it to be an insane success.

Basically Code Monkey Save World is a graphic novel proposed by Greg Pak (who did the critically acclaimed “Planet Hulk” storyline a few years back) with art by Takeshi Miyazawa based on key songs from Jonathan Coulton, a singer/songwriter who made his name on the internet and is probably one of my biggest inspirations in terms of making music. I love Coulton and I love the songs that Pak is drawing from (though I never imagined the speaker from the song “Code Money” as being a literal monkey, but whatever). So this is a comic book based on music from one of my favorite musicians…which will result in a brand new album based on said comic if it reaches $200,000 (which it might); sign me the f**k up.

Like I said it’s already funded so if you just like supporting projects to help them succeed I’d understand you not wanting to chip in. But if you’re like me and love Jonathan Coulton and love comic books then you might want to pledge in order to get some of the cool rewards.

Visit Code Monkey Save World’s Kickstarter Page

APT Theater Presents The Return
Ever notice that in fiction returns are either super good or really, really bad?
There is never any middle ground
Goal: $10,000

Deadline: 11:59pm PDT, 6/15/13

The APT Theater, as I understand it, is a relatively recent theater group that’s based in New York City. The Return is their first full length play that they’ll be performing (previously they’d been doing one act plays). Now as you can guess this is a HUGE moment for all those involved and hopefully the first in a series of successful ventures. But if you know anything about theater in New York (or NYC in general) it’s really damn expensive to do pretty much anything there. So the APT Theater is trying to raise $10,000 on Indiegogo to offset the costs. It’s a noble goal and as a former playwright (hopefully soon to be “current playwright” but that’s neither here nor there) I greatly respect and admire what they’re trying to accomplish.

What really makes me want to help their cause is one of their founders, Katie Dickinson. I knew Katie from college as she was studying theater and I was studying playwriting. We had one class and bumped into each other regularly since we a lot of the same acquaintances. Katie was easily, easily my favorite person from the theater department back then; she was super nice, as well as being super talented. I always wanted to work with her on something but it never ended up happening which is one of my few regrets from my college days. But at least I can help spread the word of her new project, even if only a little.

If you can spare the money to contribute I’d strongly urge you to do so. As of this writing they are very far from their goal but they do still have a lot of time left  (less than two months) so anything could happen until then. Remember that this is an Indiegogo project which means that, unlike KS, even if they don’t meet their goal they have the option to collect what they’ve raised anyway.

Visit The Return’s Indiegogo page.

In other Kickstarter news I have gotten my hands on TOY, the new EP project from singer/songwriter Kawehi and I’m thinking of reviewing it here sometime in the near future since I made a point to advertise it a few months back. Hmm, now that I think about it I might also want to do the same for Malice the Webseries, which actually inspired me to start doing these blogs in the first place. I should get on that. 

Anyway if you know any cool Kickstarter (or Indiegogo, I guess) projects, or if you have a project that needs support, feel free to post a link in the comment section (though keep in mind that, as moderator of the comment section, I have the right to disallow any posts that I am especially against for any reason).

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