Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Adult Siblings Versus...Episode 89: Project A-ko

Alright, I will try to catch up to the actual podcast, as we are quite behind.

In this episode of Adult Siblings Versus...we looked at Project A-ko, which in a way was the patient zero of our anime obsession when we were kids.

If you're only ever going to watch one sci-fi, lesbian school girl anime
Make it this one!

More details after the jump.


  • Anime on the Sci-Fi channel!
  • Cream Lemon and the origin of Project A-ko!
  • An uncomfortable discussion about sexual orientation!
  • Feminist Awakenings!
  • The Reverse Bechdel Test!
  • Akagiyama missiles!
  • Bubblegum Crisis!
  • Samus wears a bikini!

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Twitter: @AdultVersus

Instagram: @adultsiblingsversus 

Theme Song: “Sellout” by Zombie Apocalypse NOW!


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