Friday, November 24, 2023

Adult Siblings Versus...Episode 86: Wallace & Gromit

 Another new episode of Adults Siblings up. This time we are talking about the very British Wallace & Gromit. We talk about all four shorts. 

Note: we recorded this months before we found out that England is out of clay and Aardman had to make a statement claiming everything is A-Ok, stop worrying about it.

Gromit should just leave Wallace to die and take over the house

More details after the jump.


Jason forgot to watch the documentary! 

Jeffrey Katzenberg has re-entered the chat! 

The Wallace &Gromit Cinematic Universe! 

Don’t call it “claymation”! 

Feathers McGraw! 

Best Boy Gromit! 

Wallace is the worst friend! 

Laika Chat!  

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