Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Adult Siblings Versus...Episode 73: Cool Runnings

Hi folks. While I'm unsure how many people regularly check this site at this point, I think it still may be a good idea to link my other projects here for cross-promotional purposes. Bear with me here.

A while back my sister and I started a podcast called "Adult Siblings Versus..." where we revisit media from our childhood and look at it with an adult perspectives to see how it holds up. Was The Little Mermaid mid? Is Muppet Treasure Island as good as well remember to be? That sort of thing. We have over 70 episodes recorded and we have covered everything from The Lion King to Coneheads to Ranma 1/2. It would be great if you could check us out.

Starting today I will post episodes on this blog, but if you like what you hear then please consider following us on your pod catcher of choice (Spotify, Apple Podcast, etc.)

The highest grossing live action Disney film at the time

More details after the jump.


We are not Jamaican or Haitian!

John Candy’s passion project!

The other Jamaican bobsled team!


Olympic Trials (and the rest of the movie)

Hey kids, it’s Doug E. Doug!

Yul Brenner; like the actor!

I can see clearly now!


Contact us at adultsiblingsversus@gmail.com

Twitter: @AdultVersus

Instagram: @adultsiblingsversus

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