Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Beta's Super Awesome Unofficial 84th Academy Awards Pre-Blog

"Give it to that guy, 'whatshisname', that didn't win last year."
"That will shut up the peasants for another year"
So today the nominees for the 84th Academy Awards were announced. As with last year I plan on covering the award show and sharing my thoughts, as it was pretty fun. The problem is that unlike last year the vast majority of films with Oscar buzz the last two months weren't playing in my city, at least not at point were I could have easily gone. In fact the only films I've seen in the Best Picture category were Midnight in Paris and War Horse. I blame that this time last year I lived in a town where those type of movies always showed up. Where I am now they tend to play a month later (If at all) and I forget about them (Moneyball and The Help were here but I didn't get around to watching it). So my point is that things might be kind of light this year as far as my opinions go, but I will try to catch as many of these movies as I can before the show itself.

A reminder to my readers; I'm not a film expert or a film maker. I don't know the ins and outs of the movie biz; I'm just a regular dude who knows what he likes and what he doesn't like. I'll be sticking to a few of the “major” awards since a lot of the other ones are over me head.

But before we get to that here are some general thoughts:

-My archenemy Brett Ratner was originally set to direct the show but was fired (Well, “resigned”) after he used a gay slur when talking about rehearsals for the show and lying about "banging Olivia Munn". Because he's a asshole, I assume. Eddie Murphy was flagged to host the show but dropped out after Ratner got shitcanned. Now Billy Crystal is hosting which is actually kind of awesome. Last year he was on stage for just a few minutes but in that time he proved to be a more interesting host than the actual hosts. Also note that he's not up for an award so no weird conflict of interest this year.

-Drive and 50/50 are nowhere to be seen. I would have thought at the very least they would have been up for Best Adapted screenplay and Best Original Screenplay respectively. Nope! Similarly Ryan Gosling is not up for Best Actor for either Drive or Ides of March. I feel something may have gone wrong with the world.

Better luck next year, sucker
 -The Adventures of Tintin isn't here either. I'll be watching this movie later today so I may soon see why.

More after the jump.

Best Adapted Screenplay

-I haven't see any film on this list, sadly, though I was desperate to see Moneyball and Hugo but I just wasn't able. So I have no idea who should win

-Even if I concede that Drive or Limitless weren't good enough films to be on this list (Which I do not) there’s no reason why The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo shouldn't have been nominated. I call bullshit

Best Original Screenplay 

-I did see Bridesmaids and Midnight in Paris. Both were good though flawed enough that I didn't put either on my Top Ten list. I prefer Midnight in Paris, I think.

-The Artist is on this list, as it is with several of categories. I expect this movie to make out like a bandit this year.

An insatiable beast that eats awards like candy

Best Animated Feature 

-Starting this year this category is now an official one. I guess before it was one of the awards that had to be voted on to activated every year but now it's a permanent category. And hey, there's more than three nominees this year. Huzzah.

-My opinion surrounding this category hasn't really changed from last year -I didn't see any of these movies. However I'm willing to bet that Puss in Boots and Kung-Fu Panda 2 won't win. We'll see.

Best Supporting Actress 

-This is staring to get a bit redundant. I’ve only seen Bridesmaids and I will admit here that Melissa McCarthy stole the goddamn show with her performance. I can't see her winning though.

Best Supporting Actor 

-Not a single film seen in this category either. But isn't it kind of funny that Jonah Hill is now and forever an Academy Award nominated actor?

That's one more Oscar nod than Micheal Cera has
Best Actress 

-Not only is Rooney Mara nominated for her terrific performance in The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo but she's actually is the LEAD in the film and not a supporting role to Daniel Craig. So I guess Hailee Steinfeld just got screwed last year.

-Although I'm rooting for Mara there's a lot of competition here so she has an uphill battle. I haven’t seen any of the other films so it's hard to judge

-I wasn't able to see The Help but I was under the impression that Emma Stone was the lead in that film. Yet Viola Davis is nominated for Best Actress. I wonder if I'm just confused about who does what in that movie or if Hollywood is just weird (Probably both)

Best Actor 

-Haven't seen any of them. I'm feeling like this whole blog may have been a tiny bit pointless.

Best Director 

-I really feel Neil Burger and David Fincher got screwed here. They did amazing jobs with both their films but it looks like they've been overlooked. Bleh.

-I've only seen Midnight in Paris. I doubt it will win. I'd bet on Michel Hazanavicius.

Best Picture 

-This year there are nine nominees, which is only slightly better than the last few years.

-War Horse shouldn't be here. It was good but I really wouldn't compare it to the best films of the year

-Since I haven't seen the vast majority of these films I can't say anything about how The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo fairs against them but that somehow War Horse got nominated over it is messed up. I'm not saying it should win but there's no way War Horse was a better movie that David Fincher's 2011 entry. No way.

-I'm betting on The Artist. It's gotten nothing but rave reviews and is probably the most unique film of the year. I'd watch it but it ain't playing here.

The 84th Academy Awards is currently scheduled to air on February 26th, 2012on ABC. Like last year I'll be watching and taking notes and then uploading those notes on the blog soon after. Last year was kind of a dud but I have higher hopes for this year with Billy Crystal on hosting duties. Hopefully I would have watched more nominated films by that point and thus have more to say when the time comes.

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