Friday, January 14, 2011

One Year Anniversary is Dead

Hey guess what?  It’s been exactly one year since I posted my first entry onto this blog.  Meaning BETA IS DEAD IS ONE YEAR OLD!  Time to dance!
Well that's a bit low-key for a party
Is it really that big a deal?  Maybe not, but at the very least I managed to consistently post material for a whole year, more or less.  That’s really good for me.  At first this blog was mainly bonus material for the Saturday Morning Cartoon Show.  For years I have been co-host of that radio program but with a two-hour time limit I often found it hard to fully express my feelings about the various shows were played on-air.  So obviously, being a nerd, the first solution to come to my mind was to start an internet blog.  You know, because I apparently never wanted to date a woman ever again.  Anyway I thought maybe I could write on other things aside from classic and not so classic cartoons so now I pretty much write anything I want to, which just happens to mainly be reviews I guess.  Which is kind of lame now that I think about it.
So what has changed in the last year?  Well the first edition of the blog was SMCS #1: Captain N and looking back I think it’s safe to say my writing has gotten better.  So that’s cool, I suppose.  There’s certainly a larger chunk of followers now, which is pretty cool, and I get decent traffic.   Plus I now get consistent visits from places that aren’t the United States, especially from the United Kingdom.  Nice!   Though I hardly get any feedback.  I sometimes wonder if anyone’s actually reading this stuff since aside from “Iron Eagle” and Travis (Buddies in real life) not too many folk stop by to say hello.  Hopefully this will get better over this coming year because I’m so gosh darn lonely.
Let’s look at some stats from the last year:
Aside from the main page the entry that has had the most traffic this past year has been Nerd Rage #1: Cassandra Cain as Batgirl.  I got a lot of lurkers coming this way by goggling for Cassandra Cain so I suppose that makes sense.  This was probably the angriest blog I'd ever written by the way.  The second most visited was Scott Pilgrim [Indeterminate Amount of Time] Day 1 the intro to my three part love letter to the Scott Pilgrim franchise.  The third most visited was my review of Gurren Lagann.  I assume that’s because Gurren Lagann is the most badass thing that ever did anything ever.
So long as I have GIANT ROBOTS I do not need love
Later today I’ll be uploading an essay I have been meaning to write for months now so come back later to check it out.  It will be another nerd rant so prepare yourself for possible boredom.  My New Years’ Resolution is to make this blog "better" (Vague much?) so hopefully, a year for now, I’ll be mentioning how Beta is Dead has taken the world by storm.  We’ll see.
In any event thanks for taking time to visit my boring old site the past year.  Here’s to the next year.

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