Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The War of 2012

The cast of Avengers celebrating Ed Norton's firing

Assuming we’re not all killed by a world destroying apocalypse that year it looks like 2012 may be a good year to be a Marvel Comics fan…or a bad one. Obviously I’ve talked about the Avengers movie in great detail in the past but I’ve since learned that, as of right now, reboots of the Spider-Man and Fantastic Four film franchises are scheduled to for a 2012 release meaning that three different studios will release three different movies from Marvel Comics that summer (or so). This is either of good thing or a bad thing, but since we know almost nothing about the reboots themselves, just the upsetting legacies of the franchises themselves, we can’t say a whole lot this early. Now I could write a long essay about how Sony ruined the Spider-Man movies due to their constant meddling in director Sam Raimi’s vision (But to be fair everything I heard Raimi was doing for a third sequel sounded incredibly stupid) or how the FF movies were some of the worst embarrassments to the genre this past decade that failed on almost every conceivable intellectual level…but then I’d be here all day.

Pictured: Popular Well Respected Historically Relevant

In fact let’s ignore Spider-Man because, well, I don’t give a crap about that series. I do find it interesting that we’re looking at an Aevngers VS. Fantastic Four scenario. But like I said we don’t know much about it. There are some rumors, most of which I don’t care about, save the casting of Doctor Doom. I love Doctor Doom; he’s my favorite villain in superhero comics after all. Watching his portrayal in the two previous films was kind of like watching a train wreck where the passengers were all clowns; hilariously morbid, but ultimately only fun to watch if you’re disturbed. The current rumor pegs Stephen Moyer as the man 20th Century Fox’s choice to play the ruler of Latveria. Moyer is the male lead in the hit show about vampires who are slightly less ridiculous than the ones from Twilight called True Blood. Moyer spends most of the time on that show pretending to be American and graphically boinking Anna Paquin (Vampire celibacy is for wankers).

"Bah! Doom has no time for blogs!"

He’s a good enough actor that I’m not dreading him being cast but not good enough to make me think he’s suited for the role. If anything is finalized we may well see. Anyway the fact is that with three big Marvel films coming out in the same year it’s an understatement to say it’s is something that any good comic geek should be very excited about. I wonder if I’ll be eating those words come the end of summer of that year (See: Ghost Rider, Daredevil, The Spirit, Superman Returns. Or better yet: don’t).

Again this assumes the world isn’t destroyed. We’ll see.

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