Tuesday, October 30, 2012

New Zombie Apocalypse NOW! EP (It's Free)

If you don’t know by now that I’m the lead singer of a nerdy punk band then you’re either a) new to the blog or b) really good at ignoring anything I post that doesn’t have “Review” in the title. Nevertheless I’m the frontman of a Chicago based called “Zombie Apocalypse NOW!” We’ve released a new album, an EP called “Fresh Fruit for Rotting Flesh”. We’ve released EPs before, and I’ve posted about them here before, but the biggest difference between this and our previous albums is that this one will be FREE (Well technically it’s “Name Your Own Price” in case anyone wanted to donate to us but in practice you can just choose to not pay anything). Now the whole thing is streaming on bandcamp but, again, it’s free so why not download it and listen to it from the comfort of your mobile MP3 playing device?

I'm the black one
For those interested there’s more info after the jump.

This was a "No Meat Allowed" venue. That's not a joke
Like I said we’ve releases albums before. But the cool thing we’re going to be doing over the next year is doing a series of new EPs that are nerd themed. Lately I feel we haven’t been nerdy enough so I’m upping the ante. Our next EP will be released probably no earlier than January of 2013 and will be an album based on the King of Fighters series of games. Why yes, I did write a song about Terry Bogard. Tentatively we’re planning a Decepticon and Doctor Who themed albums sometime later in the year. If you’re into that sort of thing you might want to “Like” our Facebook page so you can keep up with what’s going on with it over time since I likely will only post when it’s done on Beta is Dead. 

Also you may want to check out our previous albums, “Bandora’s Box”, which features a song about the Green Ranger of all things, and “Forbidden Tales of Science”.

 They’re not free like Fresh Fruit for Rotting Flesh but they are pretty damn cheap.

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