Sunday, February 19, 2012

Black Superheroes II: Intro

I think he's technically nude. Gross.
This is later than I wanted it to be but we’ll be doing another round of Black Superhero Profiles in honor of Black History Month. There’s not much to say but here’s a few points I feel I need to make before I get started. 

-I will be doing a lot less this year. Mainly because of time restraint but also sometimes less is more. I’ll definitely be doing three and we’ll see how I feel about it after that. Unfortunately of those three none of them will be women, which bothers me as much as it might bother you. To at least partly make up for this I’m considering doing a series of profiles on female super heroes in a similarly style. If that’s something you’d like to read let me know. 

-Under normal circumstances I wouldn’t bring this up but I want to make sure my position is understood when I do stuff like this. Someone posted in the comment section on my post on Vixen a while back that I was a “modern day black supremacist moron”. Now I assume this is the opinion of one silly person who doesn’t actually understand what a black supremacist is but still I will say it out loud: I’m not necessarily saying anything about black superheroes somehow being better than white superheroes, nor am I suggesting that we need to get rid of the white superheroes and replace them with black ones. If you got that from what I wrote I have to say that you’re extremely confused (And possibly crazy). I am black, that is something I have always been upfront about. So just like any person I like to see myself in the characters I’m reading about, at least some times. I like Spider-Man (Or at least I used to) but at the end of the day I won’t ever be able to relate to him as much as a black hero in an equivalent book (Like Static, for example). That doesn’t mean I like Spidey any less; it’s just how it is. 

So anyway I’m not racist; I just like to see more people who look like me in the things I like to watch. Especially since the number is so uneven. You guys clear? Okay. Next time we’ll be looking at a character that I think may be DC’s coolest character but just recently fell flat on his face in his own solo title. 

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