Monday, January 14, 2013

Three Year Anniversary is Dead

Three years, baby!

Another year, another anniversary. It has been three years today since I started Beta is Dead! It now actually feels like I’ve legitimately done this for a long while and I have many great memories and benefits such as…such as…um…er…hmm.

Anyway I’m glad I’ve mostly maintained a regular schedule this long since, when I started, I wasn’t certain I’d make it six months before getting bored and giving up. So really at this point it’s all gravy. Still as long as I still feel like writing about stuff I’ll keep doing Beta is Dead.

More anniversary stuff after the jump.

Let’s talk “Stats” for a minute. My review of Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist was easily the most visited page on the blog for the last year. Which is odd since it was one of my early reviews from 2010. Also most of the traffic from that, based on the searches, were looking for naked pictures of Kat Dennings. The 2012 (i.e. “new”) blog with the most hits was none other than that piece of shit anime Demonic Emperor Demon King Daimao: The King of Demons. And, again, search traffic indicated that people were mostly looking for porn based on the cartoon (with increasingly gross descriptions, I can assure you). This blog is not a porn site, people! But hey, the lesson with this may be that anime blogs equal traffic. I kind of slacked off on anime reviews this past year but it looks like the more I do the better the blog does. Something to consider. Also more Kat Dennings.

Pictured: The reason half of you came to this blog
 There’s a few things I’d like to declare for this blog for 2013:

-More bad movie reviews. I feel like I played it safe with watching films last year but this year I’m going to return to form and just watch a bunch of films and review them .

-I’m probably going to skip the Oscar coverage this year since every year it’s pretty exhausting but no one really ever seems all that interested in it. I may change my mind but for now probably not.

-As mentioned above I’m hoping to get back more into reviewing anime more regularly since, as I said, that’s one of this blog’s most popularly features. I am currently watching two shows at once and, assuming nothing causes me to not have access to them suddenly, I should have reviews for them within the new few weeks. Aside from that I have a bunch of shows on my list. If you have any suggestions you can still e-mail me at

Speaking of forthcoming negative reviews...
-The book I was working on during November for National Novel Writing Month is something I think has a lot of potential. I have a yearlong goal to finish writing it and to start trying to get it published. I want it ready to be sent out well before the end of 2013 (this would be my first novel). To help motivate myself I will likely post updates here on the blog, though I’m hesitant to put too much information out there since I don’t really trust the internet. Of course I trust you, gentle reader, just not those other guys. They know who they are. Anyway expect a lot more shameless plugs over the next twelve months.

Thanks for reading Beta is Dead, whether you’ve been with me since the early dark times, came on somewhere along the way, or just stumbled on here today (hell, even if you came here for porn but decided to check out the blog anyway I’ll still say “thanks”). Hopefully Beta is Dead will continue to grow over the next year and, with any luck, considerably faster than last year. However the anniversary celebration isn’t over yet. In honor of my three years of blogging I’ve decided to revisit an older article(s) that got especially high traffic recently and has been a hot topic in the comic nerd community. So come back a bit later and I’ll pick up where I left off with two of my favorite superheroes. 

I smell a sitcom!


  1. Congrats on 3 years! I've been reading your blog for almost 2 years now, and really enjoy the sense of humor in your posts. I'll be looking forward to those come-as-they-may movie reviews.

    What about comic book reviews? What are your plans for those? I like those and would hate to see them go away.

    Anyway - cheers!

    1. I'm sure I'll be doing comic reviews though I have a little trouble deciding what books to review sometimes.

      I did have an idea for a new segment that was just me reviewing trades and the only reason I haven't done it yet is....well, the reason is secret for now.

  2. I'm in the same boat - most of my anime and manga posts seem to attract people looking for porn. Either that, or they're looking for free downloadable versions of the original work. It's a little depressing. The one thing that amuses me is that whoever is doing these searches seems to have no clue how to go about finding this stuff. I don't think either your or my blog titles scream "porn here!", and yet people are clicking anyway.