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Review: Avengers vs. X-Men #5

As promised here’s the next issue of Avengers vs. X-Men. Yes, it’s later than what I said but if it’s any consolation I learned how to make fried catfish. Thus I’m a better person.

Anyway this issue promises that something of substance must happen because, finally, the damn Phoenix has arrived to Earth. In any event let’s talk a little bit about the covers. The main covers I’ve been using on this blog have been fine for the most part. But there have been a lot of variant covers being shipped out and they’re not as good. I’ve mentioned this before but some of these covers feature character fighting who don’t fight each other at all and in some cases aren’t even in the comic. But they take it a step further by having variant of the variant cover with the gimmick of picking sides. What I mean is that they have these “I’m With the X-Men/Avengers” versions where only one character is colored in, depending on which side you picked. I think it makes the already annoying cover look worse but the only reason I care is because by the time I was able to actually buy this comic that variant of the variant was the only one left. So I’ve spent the last few weeks grumpy about it, mainly because I’m such a sensitive young man.

Matt Fraction tackles writing duties in this issue and the art team consists to consist of John Romita, Jr. (Pencils), by Scott Hanna (Inks) and colors by Laura Martin (Colors).

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"Welp...we're boned"
With both sides now on the Blue Area of the Moon and the Phoenix Force now above them the Avengers and the X-Men struggle in a final effort to control the fate of Hope Summers. For her part Hope now realizes that controlling the Phoenix is futile and begs for someone to stop her before she destroys everything. Meanwhile Iron Man, who has been working on a project during most of the fighting, attempts one last strike to save the Earth.

 Like the last issue this comic is filled with lame half-fights that don’t do anything for. But unlike the last issue the plot development actual ends up being interesting. Not only that but then the end of this issue completely took me by surprise, which is usually a good thing. The artwork is fine; I think it works a little better here because it takes place on the moon and everything is darker which works better for the art.

On the downside all the interesting stuff only starts happening halfway through the issue and the first half is the same dull mindless fighting we’ve seen the entire series. Hell, some of the fights are ones they already did in earlier issues. Plus as much as I like that the ending went into a different direction than I was expecting I don’t like that Cyclops and the X-Men pretty much become the villains of the story, more or less (I feel this is confirmed in the next issue, but I’m getting ahead of myself). Even before that the dialogue made Cyclops come off like raving lunatic super villain trying to justify his evil actions right before he gets killed by his own backfired plan. I’m not sure if Marvel is 100% aware how bad the X-Men have been looking during this series but they sure seem to be setting them up as a force that must be stopped for the sake of Earth.

There actually isn’t much to say about this issue. It wasn’t great, due to the repetitive fighting, but it wasn’t really that annoying, thanks to the plot finally kicking in. I will say I do feel like I finally have a reason to care about the next issue of the book and the whole series as a whole. I’m not confidant this will last but for now at least I don’t feel super frustrated having read the comic. This time.

Once again Tony Stark overcompensates for something

Avengers vs. X-Men #5 gets 3 out of 5 Adorable Pandas


-Interesting plot developments after several issues of nothing 


-Still possesses dull parts, especially the first half 

-I’m not sure I like what’s happening with the X-Men

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