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Review: Avengers vs. X-Men #2

Last time we did a review in this series I forgot to mention that Marvel is releasing the issues every other week instead of on the normal monthly schedule. This means, despite being twelve issues, we won’t be here all year. Of course that also means you get to look forward to dropping an extra $3.99 to your normal comic book buying list every other week and that’s never fun.  For the review of issue one click here.

Anywho Avengers vs. X-Men #2 picks up exactly where the last one left off. This time Jason Aaron takes over script writing duty while the art team remains the same: John Romita, Jr. on pencils, Scott Hanna on ink, and Laura Martin on colors.

AvX Round Two after the jump.

Why are they fighting?  Because Marvel wants dat cash money!
After Cyclops responds with an optic blast to Captain America’s demand of being handed over Hope Summers Cap calls two dozen Avengers to help him put the X-Men down and take her by force. What follows is an all-out brawl between the two teams on the shores of Utopia.

So let’s talk about what I liked about this comic. …um…hmm…er.

Anyway let’s move on to what I didn’t like.

The artwork was fine in the last issue but for some reason I didn’t like it here. I think it’s partly due to the ink and coloring which looks quite weird at points but it’s also just how often characters are sloppily drawn in some of the group shots. It’s not like this is the worse art in the world but it wasn’t good enough for me to list it as a selling point. Also the covers are misleading. The one I bought is only slightly so, featuring characters in the background like Rogue and Thor who don’t have any significant appearance in the issue or aren’t in it at all. The variant cover features Emma Frost taking on the Hulk. THE HULK ISN’T IN THIS COMIC AT ALL!!!

Much like last issue not much happens. The Avengers fight the X-Men but for the vast majority of the battles it feels like it’s setting up for a full version of the encounter in other, non-main title comics. There is a comic called AvX: Versus that will focus solely on fights (Issue one is Iron Man versus Magneto and the Thing versus Namor) but judging by the preview pages for other books like Uncanny X-Men #11 I'm guessing some of the battles will definitely take place in other titles. On the one hand that’s a good thing since we can dedicate more time to telling the story. In theory if you're intrigued by the notion of the Red Hulk (F**k the Red Hulk, by the way) taking on Colossus as The Juggernaut (Only slightly more evil than the Red Hulk) then you can buy a comic that is dedicated to that fight without taking up precious time in AvX. On the other hand the main comic so far hasn’t been interesting so it almost seems pointless.

Like before Cyclops is clearly gone insane by allowing the fight to happen and I still maintain that he is in the wrong as even his own people are questioning what the hell he was doing (Even Storm is basically like “what the hell, Scott?”). I’ve actually read some people around the net saying how in the right Cyclops is in this situation, but he’s just flat out not for reasons I went into last time. Captain America is still in the wrong as well though Scott makes the good point that if Cap didn’t want to fight it out he would have come to him directly first rather than Wolverine, who is clearly biased. This whole thing feels like the flimsiest of pretense for a superhero fight since there is no reason to them to not talk this out and work together.

Speaking of Wolverine if you recall he’s the one that sort rattled Cap in the first place but the low point for me in this issue was when Wolverine tried to murder Hope. Yes, Professor “We Can’t Force These Kids to Fight” Logan tried to straight up kill the shit out of Hope Summers right in front of God, Spider-Man and everyone and it’s implied a bit that this was his plan all along. I should point out that killing Hope was never part of the Avenger game plan; they just wanted to keep the Phoenix away from here. Now I understand why Wolverine would think killing her would solve the problem but it’s still murder and unbecoming of a member of Earth's Mightiest Heroes. Now I foresee two possibilities: 1) the story goes on to show that all the crap Logan said about Cyclops and the Phoenix last issue was really him talking about himself (which would make more sense) and that his own personal issues is what’s driving him and be forced to own up to it starting next issue. Or 2) No one even mentions that Wolverine tried to murder a teenage girl and the plot just continues to move on. I have a sneaking suspicion it will be #2.

On bright side Hope managed to dish out some  STREET JUSTICE
Also Black Panther and Storm faced off and it’s implied that they’re going to fight. Why? Why would this supposedly happy couple (That totally weren’t matched up because they’ll both black and from Africa, oops, yes there were) fight each other over any of this? Even if they strongly believe in the cause of their respective sides (Which at the very least it’s clear that Storm does not) couldn’t they, you know, fight someone else? I kind of wish they focused on this a bit more since this implies the state of their marriage is in trouble. Plus Black Panther has a line in this issue, which is better than nothing, right? Right?

Bottom line this book did nothing for me other than respect some of my favorite characters a little less. For most of this comic I was bored though some part managed to piss me off, but mostly for reason I’ve already mentioned. Basically this issue has all of the problems of the last one with a few more added on. To put this in perspective the plot of AvX, so far, is actually weaker than Marvel vs. DC from years and years ago. If you’re at all familiar with that comic you’ll understand why I’m so annoyed. 

Maybe Iron Man's suit is actually made out of plastic
I give Avengers vs. X-Men #2 2 Adorable Pandas out of 5




-Art is fairly weak 

-Characters continue to be annoying 

-Wolverine sucks

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